Weight Loss Supplement Triple Comparison:
Zephanol-HP vs. Zantrex-3 vs. Hydroxycut Hardcore

In the latest installment of our ‘Triple Comparison’ series, we tackle three high-profile products from the weight loss supplement market: Zephanol-HP, Zantrex-3 and Hydroxycut Hardcore. We tested and compared each product in five categories that our weight loss-concerned readers have judged most important: appetite suppressing ability, fat burning power, body sculpting potency, health & safety issues, and value. Testing was conducted over a two month period, and participants were encouraged to adhere to their normal workout routine.

The weight loss supplement market is known for bold claims that are often not delivered upon, as well as products that may push the limits of health. Let’s see who comes out on top!

Appetite Suppression – Winner: Zephanol-HP

  • Zephanol-HP: Our testers reported outstanding results. The average onset of effect was fifteen minutes, and two capsules (one at lunch, one at dinner) provided a full day of protection from cravings.
  • Zantrex-3: The average onset time was good at half an hour. Effectiveness was only fair, as several testers found it hard to maintain their diet consistently. A handful of testers reported that effectiveness diminished too soon, and cravings became pronounced late at night.
  • Hydroxycut Hardcore: The average onset time varied – some testers reported a half hour, others found that they had undiminished appetite for up to an hour or longer. Several testers were put off by the large number of capsules that need to be consumed (six per day).

Fat Burning – Winner: Zephanol-HP

  • Zephanol-HP: In the two month trial period, average weight loss was 23 pounds. The testers noted that weight loss was consistent and sustained: there were no spikes or slumps from week to week, just steady weight loss.
  • Zantrex-3: For the two month trial period, average weight loss was 9 pounds. Because the appetite suppressing ability of Zantrex-3 was only fair, several testers reported that they had to increase their workout regimens in order to continue achieving results.
  • Hydroxycut Hardcore: For the two month trial period, average weight loss was 8 pounds. Many testers reported a wide variance in results from week to week: some weeks there was little weight loss, others featured prodigious weight loss (often accompanied by discomfort, however).

Body Sculpting – Winner: Zephanol-HP

  • Zephanol-HP: Our testers reported good results, both in consistency of effect and quality of trimming and toning. Problem areas in the stomach, hips and buttocks were alleviated, and once the fat was lost, the areas remained firm and toned.
  • Zantrex-3: The results were only fair. Several of our testers reported that critical areas (stomach, hips and buttocks) remained stubbornly unaffected, and toning was problematic as some weight loss came at the expense of muscle mass.
  • Hydroxycut Hardcore: On average results were good, however many testers reported uneven sculpting from week to week: a good looking, well-proportioned physique one week, followed the next week by unflattering pockets of fat and a lack of toning.

Health & Safety – Winner: Zephanol-HP

  • Zephanol-HP: No adverse side effects were reported from using Zephanol-HP, and no side effects from Zephanol-HP have been reported by the weight loss supplement community at large.
  • Zantrex-3: The use of Zantrex-3 has been associated with several adverse side effects, including insomnia, digestive problems, and stimulant-related issues (jitteriness, nervousness, restlessness, etc.), each of which were reported by at least 35% of our testers. Research has yet to determine if there are any other more severe side effects to using Zantrex-3.
  • Hydroxycut Hardcore: Following a detailed investigation, in May of 2009 the Food & Drug Administration of the United States of America issued a product recall and a warning to consumers to immediately cease using all Hydroxycut products due to widespread evidence of dangerous side effects, including risk of severe liver injury and possible death. Regulatory commissions from other countries around the world are expected to uphold the FDA’s findings, although currently Hydroxycut products can still be purchased in several jurisdictions. We urge our readers to exercise extreme caution in using any product that has been deemed unsafe by the FDA.

Value – Winner: Zephanol-HP

  • Zephanol-HP: Zephanol-HP retails for $29.95 per bottle, and currently offers a promotion of two free bottles with the purchase of four bottles, or one free bottle with the purchase of three bottles.
  • Zantrex-3: The average price of $50 for a one-month supply of Zantrex-3 is clearly not competitive with Zephanol-HP, even more so without a matching promotional offer.
  • Hydroxycut Hardcore: Hydroxycut seems like a bargain at an average price of $30 per bottle, until you consider that the recommended dosage is three caplets twice daily – that means you’ll be running through Hydroxycut three times faster than you will Zephanol-HP. Additionally, most international websites have slashed prices on Hydroxycut based upon the FDA recall and the likelihood that Hydroxycut will soon be banned in additional jurisdictions.

Overall Winner: Zephanol-HP

Zephanol-HP was the clear winner in all five of our judging criteria. Not only did Zephanol-HP excel in delivering weight loss results quickly and effectively, it did so without imposing any of the side effects commonly associated with weight loss supplements. And it provided the most bang for your buck through its combination of low price and an outstanding promotional offer.

Zantrex-3 delivered only fair results, finishing at the back of the pack in the critical areas of fat burning and body sculpting. So far, health & safety concerns are relatively minor, but annoying nonetheless. The value of Zantrex-3 was the worst of the three, and suffers even more when you factor in the need to expend even more money to achieve diminished results.

Hydroxycut Hardcore can truly only be judged in terms of the FDA recall and product warning. With a judgment that severe against it, we cannot recommend Hydroxycut Hardcore to our readers under any circumstances.

You can purchase the reviewed products from the following websites:

Zephanol-HP www.zephanol.com

Zantrex-3 www.zantrex3.com

Hydroxycut Hardcore – Not recommended due to FDA investigation.